Welcome to ChaCeremony

Here at ChaCeremony we cater to those who can envision tea for the luxury that it is intended to be and also those seeking a quality tea at an affordable price.



Our tea is single family sourced and grown on Mount Wuyi, in Fujian province China.

We offer Roasted Oolong and WuyiShan grown Black tea.

We directly source from the farmers, this allows us to assure the utmost quality.
The direct sourcing we do allows us to cut the tea vendor from the equation and offer affordable prices and fast shipping to you.

The tea gardens are grown at approximately 350-800 Meters in elevation and are processed in a traditional manner, both hand harvested and charcoal roasted. It is our hope you can learn to savor and enjoy this tea we have worked hard to provide for you.

Thank you for your visit and stay tuned for what we have in store.


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