Big Red Robe Tea Brick

This 2012 Spring harvest oolong has been pressed into a brick shape, that resembles a chocolate bar.


It has 5 years of age to it, we found the age adds a unique quality that we hope you can enjoy. This tea is both inciting and very delicious to those fimilar with oolong and those just starting out.

Each square contains about 10 grams of Tea and is enough for one medium pot of tea or a traditional gongfu tea session. We suggest the latter.

It is recommend to use boiling water to infuse this tea. Our methods for opening up the leaves are the following, a 15 second wash followed by a 30 second wash and letting the leaves rest for 1 min before infusing.

Each oolong brick is approx 100 grams and is $19.99.

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One thought on “Big Red Robe Tea Brick

  1. Just arrived here. I cannot wait to share this journey of Tea and Tea life and culture! Congratulations.

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