Dark Roast RouGui

This variety of Wuyi Rock oolong has over a 40 years of rich history behind its name, which refers to its cinnamon like taste.

This particular oolong has an excellent reputation because of its high quality and its stable characteristics. The energy from this tea is strong with a masculine feel providing some with a boost in stamina and vitality.

This oolong is grown high atop Mt Wuyi at 350-470 M in elevation. The tea plants are 4-30 years old and take up a space of 2.5 acres.

Each infusion will bring forth a new layer of depth. We recommend short steeps to get the most out of this taste profile.

The taste of this tea is full bodied with a cinnamon spice aspect and a caramel bread like aftertaste. Deep and robust for an oolong but we find that the complexity of this tea will surely keep you coming back for more.




Tasting this tea will better let you understand why it is becoming a staple both in China and across the globe.

We truly hope you enjoy, as this is our personal favorite.

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