This particular oolong is known as Water Fairy or Shui Hsien, The tea is grown on the pristine Mt. Wuyi in Fujian Provence China at around 200-470 M in elevation. The plants are 15-40 years old and we have around 3.5 acres of land for this varietal. Like our other offerings this tea is hand harvested and traditionally processed.

We find this tea is lovely on a cold day it has a distinct floral taste with some grades possessing a slight stronger roast than some our other offerings. Overall this varietal will be roasted to highlights its unique profile will bring out subtle floral notes. There is a noticeable balance found within the roasted notes and floral notes present.

The traditional mineral, rock grown taste will be present but the lighter notes will add to the smooth, water like quality unique to this variety. The flavor will have you desiring to drink more.

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