Aged Rougui


This aged oolong is both rare and special to us at ChaCeremony.

The tea has been aged for 21 years and has been re-roasted over the years following traditional charcoal firing methods. The leaf is darker than black tea and fragrant. We found this tea will infuse to a beautiful coppery red hue. This Rougui has matured wonderfully with its aging into a one of a kind treat.

The tea trees that this RouGui come from are 25 years old and are grown at 300-470 M in elevation with about 2.5 acres total of space for this particular varietal in the garden.

The typical cinnamon spice notes are found in this tea but with a unique caramel, raisin-bread like quality along side the typical rock grown flavors and aromas very typical of yancha.

Naturally aged tea will allow for a smooth taste to be imparted without bitter flavor or any astringent properties. The tannins found in this tea have been shown to be beneficial to weight loss. We hope you can enjoy this special offering.

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