This is one of the most prestigious red teas from fujian province. Grown high atop Mt Wuyi ~700-900 m in elevation. The tea plants are around 17 years old with the garden having around 1.5 acres of space for this variety.
The tea is only picked during specific dates during the year as tradition follows.
Jinjunmei is entirely hand processed and is composed of only the new spring growth making it labor intensive to produce.

The leaves are fully oxidized but only semi fermented giving it a unique golden appearance. It is also known as golden eyebrows, or precious eyebrows for this reason.

The tea soup will brew up a red almost burgundy color and will possess a sweet, slightly malty with cacao and spice notes. This tea differs from most black tea since the taste isn’t highlighted by the astringent properties most black tea seem to only cover, the profile is rich and inviting.


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