Our Qilan Oolong is Spring Harvested grown at around 400-500 M in elevation on Mt Wuyi in Fujian Province China. Qilan plants are about 15 years of age and the garden contains about 2.5 acres of land for this variety.

Like our other offerings this tea is hand harvested and traditionally processed. Following a three month cycle that starts with the picking, the withering of the tea, the fermentation of the tea, and finally the charcoal firing and resting.

Qilan is wonderful for those that are new to the rock grown oolong varieties, also commonly referred to as “Yancha”, and also to the oolong veterans alike. It will show a more floral oolong profile with less roasted notes than our other offerings.
Here at Chaceremony this is our favorite to cold brew and enjoy on a warm summer day.

This tea possesses a light roast which in turn allows tasting notes of Baked bread, Sugarcane, and spring flowers to combine and create a lovely flavor profile that will linger on the pallet long after drinking. A honey like aftertaste many enjoy and swear by Qilan for it’s mood lifting effects.

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