Old Tree ShuiXian

Our ShuiXian is a “LaoCong” meaning it comes from old tea trees being 80 years of age; it is harvested from the full rock┬áregion of Wuyi Shan known as, “Zhengyan.”

This area of Wuyi Shan is home to many diverse flora and fauna only being found here. There is no pesticide use allowed in this area and it is deemed to have low pollution levels.

The rich soil and unique biodiversity of the area give a true Zhengyan tea a distinct and unique taste. Old tree ShuiXian is grown at around 400 meters and each tree is standing about 2.5 meters tall, traditionally hand harvest and processed to a medium roast.

Compared against our other offering of ShuiXians, one will notice a smooth almost calmer brew but without lacking complexity or depth.
When enjoying this tea we find tasting notes of wood, moss, and a sweet floral aspect shine through. Imagine the taste of a river rock paired sweet mossy notes that can give you an idea of the complexities awaiting.



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