Harvest 2017

This year I was lucky to receive loads more photos and was able to translate more information about how the harvest is going this spring.

As of May 17th, all of our Black tea offerings have been fully processed. We have received our first batch of fully handmade JinJunMei that you can purchase here http://chaceremony.com/product/fully-handmade-jinjunmei/

As of May 25th so far the yancha that have been picked are shuixian, laocongshuixian,beidou,qilan,huangguanyin,dhp,jinyaoshi,bantianyao,rougui,dangui, and shuijingui!

Update: all oolong have been harvested.

Now the processing will begin.

We will be able to purchase our 2017 Yancha in early October, but being freshly roasted within the last two months the tea will have a stronger feel.

This 2017 harvest will be sold on a per request basis but we will serve our rested teas from 2016 as these display a softer feel. As the roast intensity has started to fade from our 2017 teas we will put them on the website.

Hard work goes into producing half handmade and fully made tea. I thank my partner and his family in China for keeping us updated with beautiful photos.


Overall the 2016-2017 growing season was ideal for the tea I supply as I was told the cold brought out a pleasant natural sweetness.


No machinery, or chemicals are allowed in the government protected zones that our tea is grown in. The Zhengyan region has diverse micro climates and is full of unique plants and fauna not found anywhere else in the world.

Our black tea receive sunlight to dry after the oxidation process has began.


Picture above is JinJunMei

Picture above Semi finished Oolong that has undergone slight processing but has to be sorted and roasted.




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