Aged Shui Xian

Our 7 year Aged Shui Xian has what is known as 岩韵 Yan Yun. This flavor is a special terroir flavor is generally found regionally within higher grade teas.

Our Shui Xian having the proper processing and a resting period we have found the special flavor is combined well with the smooth easy drinking qualities of the Shui Xian varietal.

The roasted aspect this aged Shui Xian brings a floral juicy mouthfeel to the forefront of enjoyment. The honey like sweetness is noticed within the brews and the aroma is left on the tea ware.

For myself, Aged Shui Xian carries a laid back energy that could be described as carefree. How this tea makes me feel is a similar feeling to waking up after a nice nap, refreshed and recharged but peaceful and soft.

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