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This tea is also known as DaHongPao or translated to “Big Red Robe” it is one of the most widely known of all Wuyi rock tea. It has an extremely long history dating back to the Ming dynasty. It is grown at 300-450 M in elevation and was harvested in Spring 2011. This tea comes from trees about 20 years old and has about 1.8 acres of space in our garden.

Our Aged DaHongPao is bold and deeply roasted with just enough rest to have the feel of an aged tea but with the presence of roast flavor still in the background. Hints of caramelized sugar and strong notes of cherry, cocoa, and wood are the main flavors we get with this classic YanCha or Rock Tea. Big Red Robe or DaHongPao is known for its high mineral content, digestive health benefits along with its appealing taste.

There is a lingering flowery fragrance left on the taste buds long after drinking.  Expect many infusions and a deep flavors shining through for the first 5-6 brews.

We beleieve that exceptional qualtity tea shouldn’t only be taste but should be the feeling as well.

The energy with this particular is what I describe as balancing. Dependent on one’s mood and setting I have found this tea can be energetically engaging or quite relaxing.

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