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The tea has been aged for 21 years and has been re-roasted over the years following traditional charcoal firing methods.

The leaf is darker than black tea and very fragrant. We found this tea will infuse to a beautiful coppery red hue. This 21 year aged Rougui has matured wonderfully with its aging into a one of a kind treat. The tea trees that this RouGui come from are 25 years old and are grown at 300-470 M in elevation with about 2.5 acres total of space for this particular varietal in the garden.

The typical cinnamon spice notes are found in this tea but with a unique caramel, raisin-bread like quality along side the typical rock grown flavors and aromas very typical of yancha.
A heavy roast profile is present but should calm down within the next year of resting. The extra roast ensures this tea can age another 10-20 years if one can hold off from drinking it.

Naturally aged tea will allow for a smooth taste to be imparted without bitter flavor or any astringent properties. We hope you can enjoy this special offering.

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