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This tea is Spring Harvested tea grown at around 400-500 M in elevation on Mt Wuyi in Fujian Province China. Qilan plants are about 15 years of age. Medium Roast Qilan differs from our Light Roast Qilan with it having an additional five hours of traditional baking.
The result a flavor note of cocoa and light woodsy tones to combine with the superb flowery fragrance that Qilan is renowned for. Less of a floral sweet, fruity tea with more mineral notes shining through after the additional bake.

The Roasting process is the same with our other yancha; first the leaves are left to wither then they are gently get heated up to about 25c then to about 125c.
According to the taste of the tea the Roastnig time sees adjustment, maybe eight hours, maybe twelve hours.
Our Qilan Roasting about twelve hours for the first time, and then sealed and 20 days to rest, and then reroasted for about five hours, and then sealed for an additional 20 days.

We hope you enjoy the tea.



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