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Our ShuiXian is a “LaoCong” meaning it comes from old tea trees being 80 years of age; it is harvested from the protected region of Wuyi Shan known as Zhengyan.

This protected area of Wuyi Shan is home to many diverse flora and fauna only being found here. There is no pesticide use allowed in this area and it is deemed to have low pollution levels.

The rich soil and unique biodiversity of the area give a true Zhengyan tea a distinct and unique taste. Old tree ShuiXian is grown at around 350-400 meters and each tree is standing about 2.5 meters tall, traditionally hand harvest and processed to a medium roast.

Compared against our other offering of ShuiXian, one will notice a smooth almost calmer brew but without lacking complexity or depth.
When enjoying this tea we find tasting notes of wood, moss, and a sweet floral aspect shine through.

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3 reviews for Old Tree ShuiXian

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is an excellent tea with a very light roast profile. Around the fourth steep I couldn’t taste it at all. There was a nice flavor note that developed that I really don’t know how to describe. Suffice to say this was an excellent tasting tea. I didn’t have the urge to put sugar in this tea which I always get with lower quality products.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I feel that Wuyi teas are trickier than Puerh, for there are a lot of Wuyi’s but there are veeeerry few good ones. Luckily, this tea falls into that category. However, I wouldn’t call it luck, for it was well made. This Shuixian this different that ones I’ve had before. I’m a fan of Laocong, for it has a more distinct cliff taste, and I enjoy how oily they are. This tea fits those perfectly. The leaves are nice and long and wiry with a bit of strength to them. They carry a hearty smooth roast of toasted berries and subtle peach pie. It is very pleasant. I warmed my teapot and placed what I had inside, so that the pot was completely stuffed. The aroma from the lifted lid is of intense roast, graham crackers, some slight earth, and coffee. It’s an awakening aroma. I washed the leaves quickly and prepared for brewing. The brew was quick and the water was hot. I pulled out one cup full of laocong goodness. The taste begins very sweet and thick. There is a massive huigan that continuously cycles as it washes over my tongue. The taste is long and filled with stevia sweet sensations. The next sip brings a more prominent cliff taste along with a tannic undertone that scurries behind my tongue. The brew is surprisingly well rounded and full without hardly any edges. Upon completion, I can fell my mouth salivating and tongue well lubricated. This is some awesome stuff. In my experience, shuixian is bit drier and tannic with slate tones. This tea is much different than what I’ve had. I enjoyed my session. It’s good to know there are still great wuyi’s accessible to the west. 🙂

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bouquet: Very lovely roasted composition of old red wine barrels, raisins with chocolate – very distinct chocolate aroma. Later more and more woodsy without the astringent sweet sour note.

    Liquor: Long lasting after taste of apricot cake with a nice mix of nutty notes and warm chocolate sauce. There is a very barley malty aspect to it plus the nutty slightly roasted hazelnut aspects it really reminds me strongly of a dark stout like Guinness but without the alcohol scent to it. 5-7 times infusions depends if you enjoy only the strongest ones (1-5) or the bit lighter ones at the end too. Like all the other Wuyi’s I tested by Cha Ceremony = highly recommendable!

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