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This quality black tea is also known as Lapsang Souchong. Grown on Mount Wuyi in Fujian province China at 700-900 M in elevation. The tea plants from our Xiao Zhong are around 17 years old and this varietal takes up about 1.5 acres of space in the garden.

It is of high quality and it processed using traditional techniques which give the tea its unique and desirable qualities.
Our Lapsang Souchong is not pine smoked which allows for the natural tastes of the tea leaf to come forth. We are told smoking of the tea is not done as regularly anymore because of the harm to the environment and the workers alike.

The taste of this tea is great mid-morning to early afternoon but can be an all day treat if one wishes.
Hints of malt, cedar, and chocolate are expressed in this brew with exceptional spice notes also present.
A cold brewers delight the complexity is highlighted cold brewing this tea.

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