Zhengyan ShuiXian


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Our Zhengyan ShuiXian is grown at 300-450 Meters in height within the protection region of Fujian province from tea plants approximetly 8-25 years old. These Shuxian bushes inhabit a space of about .8 of an acre within the full rock region.

This ShuiXian is a 2016 Spring Harvest produced in a traditional manner both hand harvested and charcoal roasted. When brewing this tea it produces a thick viscous brew with tasting notes of roasted almonds, caramel, and hints coca spice with a fruity lingering aroma coating and soothing the palate. Very Aromatic and able to infuse many times.

This tea has a notable mineral notes with the tea coming from the Zhengyan region the area influences the tea in a way which allows for unique flavors to be present.
In comparison to our other Shuixian this one will be more complex and offer a wider range unique aromatics.

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