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Our Premium RouGui, which translates to “Cassia fragrance”, is 2016 Spring harvest oolong and is grown at 300-450 M in elevation and is from plants around 25 years old.
This quality of RouGui is harder to come across since it is grown in a special region of Mount Wyui, a National reserve and is hand harvested along with traditionally processed for the three month cycle. The space this takes up in the garden is small at only .8 of an acre.

The tea leaf is long and intact showing it’s of high quality and processing. Tasting notes initially are hints of coca/cinnamon spice flavor. We find this offering to have a more complex flavor profile that allows one to be involved with the diverse change noted throughout the tea session.

As the tea settles a caramel taste is noted and a pleasant cooling sensation is felt. is Brewing this in a Gaiwan or a clay tea pot will steep up 10 times and we find each steep is beautifully uniqie.

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    This was an interesting session. I opened the package to reveal long slender leaves. They carried a smooth sweet grape and raisin scent. This fruity mixture was on top of an underlining oak aroma. I placed a very generous amount in my warmed gaiwan and gave it a shake. The scent deepened and expanded to other areas. I took in some char, mineral, sweet fruits, and some elderberry. The scent was strong and airy. I washed the long leaves once and prepared for brewing. The steeped black beauties give off a wet ash and grape juice scent at first. Then, this scent progresses to a lake water like scent. It’s a little strange and off putting. The taste is smooth with some sharp char. The brew gives a nice mouth feeling with some lubricating. The initial sip begins with a light grape flavor with an almost Darjeeling muscatel aftertaste. The brew progresses to give off some smoke and a slight bitter. I also noted that each sip gives a nice tang left in the mouth. The tang is unlike citrus; its a pleasant sour note. This was a decent session. The leaves kept brewing for quite some time, and each steep was a nice bronze coloured liquor.

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